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Playing Guitar
Upcoming Events

3/20: Euchre Night 7-9pm

3/21: Hunger Games Trivia Night 7-9pm

3/25: Oberon Day 4-10pm

3/25: Finish the Lyrics 7-9p

3/26: Supper Club: Taste of Ireland 6-9pm

3/27: Mixtape Music Trivia: One Hit Wonders Mix 7-9pm

3/28: Trivia Night 7-9pm

4/1: Finish the Lyrics 7-9pm

4/2: The Newlywed Game 7-9pm

4/3: Name that Tune! 7-9pm

4/4: Trivia Night 7-9pm

4/9: Dale Weighill's Re-Election Kick Off 5:30-7:30pm

4/11: Trivia Night 7-9pm

4/15: Finish the Lyrics 7-9pm

4/16: Mixtape Music Trivia: Taylor Swift Mix 7-9pm

4/17: Euchre Night 7-9pm

4/18: The Simpsons Trivia Night 7-9pm

4/19: Queer Night 7-11pm

4/22: Finish the Lyrics 7-9pm

4/23: Supper Club: Taste of Poland 6-9pm

4/24:  Blind Wine Tasting: New World Whites 7-9pm

4/25: Trivia Night 7-9pm

4/29: Finish the Lyrics 7-9pm

4/30: Boozy Bingo 7-9pm

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